I made $8,285 in my first two months of being active on Twitter, despite having fewer than 1,500 followers.

This is my story.

I’ve had my Twitter account since 2018, but barely used it until September 2022. At the time, I had just 35 followers.

By the end of October (2 months of being active on Twitter), I made over $8,000 and gained over 1,000 followers.

I made money by selling an online service and a mini course.

The service is called Curated Keywords. Basically what I do is find good topics for people to write about on their websites (AKA “keyword research”).

The mini course, called Smart Keyword Research, teaches people how to do keyword research themselves.

I’ve been doing keyword research for my own websites for years, but I only launched my service and mini course during the summer of 2022 after I graduated from college.

Once I launched those businesses, I needed to find customers. 

I decided to start by becoming active on Twitter since I knew that’s where my target customers hang out.

I started by engaging with high-follower accounts. One of them sent me a DM saying in exchange for finding him good keywords, he’d promote my service.

A couple weeks later, he tweeted a promo. By the end of September, I’d made over $1,500.

In October, another influencer promoted my service to his email list, which resulted in another influx of sales.

Meanwhile, I was consistently tweeting about keyword research. I shared many of my tactics for free, which people loved. 

My formula was to tweet a valuable thread every week, with a simple promotion at the end for my course and service. 

That, combined with the influencers promoting my service, is how I made $8,285 in my first two months of being active on Twitter.

Obviously, I put a lot of work into it during that time and especially beforehand. It wasn’t easy and it definitely wasn’t passive.

The key to making money with Twitter (and in general) is to provide tons of value.

I hope this will inspire people to think about what value they can provide. 

There’s probably something you’re good at that you could create a service around or even a mini course teaching others what you know.

Once you launch your side hustle, go start providing value wherever your target customers hang out. I can’t make any promises, but in all likelihood you’ll soon build a following – and better yet, start making sales.